Our Services

WeCoOwn provides a universal listing platform for its members who are potential buyers or existing owners of any discretionary luxury properties to meet potential co-owners to purchase or co-own these valuable properties.

The properties that we currently plan to provide our members services to are mostly high priced discretionary items such as Commercial Ships, Super Yachts, Recreational Boats, Luxury Private Jets, Single Piston Aircraft, Helicopters, Luxury Cars, RVs, Race Horses, Artworks, Offices, Land Parcels, Condos, Single Family Houses and Vacation Homes, etc.

The legal format to be used for holding the titles of these co-owned properties could a simple Limited Liability Company (LLC) as often used in the US or any other legal corporate structure or partnership in many other countries.

While the fractional shares based co-ownership has been utilized in the past on a fragmented basis in various sectors around the world, no web or mobile application services have been able to provide the prospective and existing co-owners with a centralized meeting place or on-line platform to find other co-owners together with a dedicated human concierge service or an intelligent property management software for the management of these co-owned properties or the listings of those to-be co-owned properties.

Through the prudent use of sophisticated Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies, we provide equal proprietary software services both to large licensed brokers and management companies that professionally manage the fractional share programs for expensive assets such as super yachts and private jets and to the mom’n’pop regular individual lead co-owners (or called champion co-owners) who have met and recruited other follower co-owners (or called participating co-owners) through our listing platform to own a property such as a modest speed boat, a fancy Ferrari or a Cessna aircraft together.

In addition to helping our members create the primary market structures of the original legal entities to own these properties, through our broker dealer affiliates in various countries, WeCoOwn also provides the secondary market trading of the fractional shares of these legal entities in order for our members to obtain financial gains or to protect their investments in these properties of high financial value.

Blockchain and Smart Contract related technologies have been employed in our software design to provide the state of the art security, accounting and provenance record keeping.

While WeCoOwn only provides services on a few of these high priced luxury discretionary properties located in the US during the initial launch stage, it is the goal of the management to expand the meeting platform and related software application services into many other property asset classes with many locations around the world as the company’s activities grow.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on how we could make these services better for you. Thank you.