About Us

We provide a meeting platform to offer listing and matching services of potential co-owners for buying and owning together yachts, jets, pleasure aircraft, luxury cars, race horses, artworks (via Farjao), office buildings, land parcels, vacation homes, single family homes (via Farjho), etc.

In addition, we also provide a co-ownership SaaS property management services to co-owners to manage and schedule the use of their co-owned properties. We use the state of the art Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies to track the provenance of the fractional shares of the co-ownership and for the transaction records management.

The founder Ralph Liu is a seasoned investment banker and a serial entrepreneur, having been frequently spotted on both sides of the start-up venture’s board tables. To continue his passion for financial and economic concept innovations, this is his latest effort to extend the co-ownership and shared consumption business model from real estate, artworks to the yachts, planes, luxury cars, race horses, vacation homes and other high priced assets.

Our corporate office is located at 2901 W Coast Hwy., #200, Newport Beach, CA 92663. Our mailing address is 2549 Eastbluff Dr., #308, Newport Beach, CA 92660 and our corporate email address is info@wecoown.com.

Our telephone number is +1-888-388-5432 x 888.